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Pack, Crate & Shipping Testimonials

"Thank you again for the wonderful work.  I’ve never seen such nice packaging.  We really appreciate how great your staff was.  Everyone exceeded our expectations.

Best to all of you!"

Lois Armstrong


As follow-up to our conversation a few minutes ago, I want to again thank Rob and Trevor for their professionalism. I was in Tulsa this past weekend packing my mother and stepfather for a move into a retirement living situation.  As you can imagine, it is very stressful, to pair down a life‘s worth of belongings. Not only that, but managing the move as an elderly person can often be trying. Rick and Trevor were a blessing to my folks, and even help them put a few things back into their attic. My mother’s praise carries a lot of weight with me😊. So, I want to let you know again how awesome we think they are!Kind regards, 

Paige Schuster 

"Your Tulsa office has real strong customer service skills. They are one of the few offices we call direct and every time they talk to us they make us feel like a valued customer. Their phone skills are head and shoulders above almost everybody else I deal with. (I don't see their crates so I cannot comment on that but I DO TALK to a lot of people on the phone.) I know I mentioned this before, but I just got off the phone with Rick this morning and got another reminder of how special their phone skills are. They do a great job of putting a good WINNING face on Craters & Freighters. (Voice Face whatever!)"


Michael Witt/Pegasus

"Dear Rick,

We just wanted to let you know that the curio cabinet and picture arrived safely yesterday.  The packing was so nicely done that we almost hated to destory it.  

Thank you for doing such a fine job of crating two things that have great sentimental value to us."


"Hi Todd,
I hope all is well with you and in Tulsa.

Bob Fishko, my director, wanted me to relay that we were more than pleased with how the Pablo Atchugarry sculpture was crated and packed for the Texas Contemporary fair in Houston. Thank you again for all of your efforts, Craters and Freighters of Tulsa will be our first go-to company for such needs in the future."

Very Best,

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